The Journal of Analytics (JA) is a USA based international journal devoted to original high-quality research in theory, methodology, technology and applications of analytics. The JA seeks to publish a wide range of research and review papers such as in marketing analytics, data science, big data, data mining, knowledge discovery, artificial intelligience, Internet of things, machine learning and deep learning.

In addition to all analytics related disciplines from business analytics to health analytics and bioinformatics and sports analytics; from marketing analytics and government analytics to data analytics and talent analytics, to music analytics, we also welcome novel applications of analytics in heuristic and analytical decision making methods, operations research, statistics, econometrics, computer science and in all computational management, mathematical and engineering sciences.

As JA is dedicated to timely and open innovation, we: strive to follow a streamlined peer-review process, publish article quarterly in an electronic format, and make all articles freely available without restriction.


Founded in 2017.

The journal is quarterly


Journal of Analytics is published by New York Business Global, USA.